• The foundation of an Elephant Trust Fund equipped to address the funding of retired commercial elephants, and elephants in trouble.

  • To establish an elephant refuge reserve in South Africa which will provide a secure wild environment for retired, commercially used elephants allowing for opportunity and framework to manage full re-integration projects back into the wild where they can live out their remaining years, with dignity, as wild elephants. Due to the various captures that have taken place over the years, there are related elephants whom have been separated, reuniting these individuals would be emotionally beneficial for the individuals and assist with the reintegration process due to family bonds.

  • To offer a refuge equipped to embrace elephants in need such as old, sick or orphaned elephants in trouble, where their welfare can be addressed in the best possible way.

  • To provide tourists with a unique wildlife experience, the primary focus being elephants: their biology and behaviour; their role as an integral part of our heritage; and highlighting the history of these releases back into the wild and the centre’s life-long commitment to offering refuge and welfare to these gentle giants of our continent.

  • To provide a centre of excellence for tourists, offering visitors to the refuge reserve in-depth elephant education and archived collections with the end goal of achieving a better understanding of the African elephant’s role for the environment and our societies and their on-going plight across our continent.

  • To provide a unique opportunity for local and international on-going elephant research which is committed to addressing the basic needs for elephant conservation on our continent.

  • To provide a centre where the skills and expertise required for elephant management can be sourced under
    one umbrella.

  • Develop active local Community projects embracing education and employment opportunities

  • The potential to open elephant corridors to create space for elephant natural migratory routes to be realised.